St. Bernard Host Families needed for Uncasville CT Area

Host families are needed for the Uncasville CT Area for the St. Bernard School.

Host families will need to provide a private room, meals, and transportation to school. The screening process will consist of a phone interview, background checks, and a home visit. Qualified host families will receive a monthly stipend of $1000 per student.

Host families receive a monthly stipend, training and support! Watch our videos and register today!

Host Family Benefits

  • Create your homestay profile with photos, description, and availability
  • Marketing of your homestay to hundreds of students, agents, schools and support programs
  • Access to our growing library cultural training videos and articles
  • Guaranteed monthly payments while a student is in your home
  • Video recorded interviews to view students before they arrive
  • Affiliate Program to earn referrals
  • Common application allows you to work with many homestay support programs in your area without duplicate paperwork


International Student Pandemic Support

Due to the recent pandemic there are many schools closing indefinitely. For some schools the plan is to have students study from home. If your school works with international students there may be additional challenges. We were recently notified that two student programs have decided to have all of their students return home and will be terminating their program.

If your school is planning to use Google in any capacity, the students who return to China may not have access to their lessons. We are offering a few solutions for these issues. If you have students that were with any programs that are now closing, we have homestay support programs that will provide student support until the end of the school year. If you have students that are leaving, we are offering to work with students individually to ensure that they receive daily lessons and will collect those assignments daily to ensure students can complete their required assignments.

We will also be having an online seminar on how to use technology that will work to communicate with staff and students during this time and in the future. Please contact us if you need any guidance on any issues regarding Global Education or technology to improve working remotely.
Stay safe!

Register for our online seminar.
Contact us with any questions.

Global Education Admissions Program

I CAN APPLY is launching a new program for Global Education. For years our staff have been using technology to streamline the international admission process with countries around the world. With recent changes in the industry we are teaching schools on how to adapt, expand, and improve on recruitment and care of international students.

Join our Free webinar to learn more!


We will go over the following Key Points :

  • Promoting your school and recruiting internationally
  • Training your admission staff to interview ideal students
  • Working with quality homestay providers and host families with available profiles for students
  • How to create a customized, automated, admission process
  • Having a broadly publicized school profile to hundreds of international agents
  • Best of all, we will also show you how you can have this at no cost to your school

How to Apply for SEVIS Online


Step 1

To apply directly online, go to or

To complete the I-901 form, you will need your I-20 form and your SEVIS I.D. Number. (This can be found on your I-20 form on the top right hand corner of the first page. It will be under the words “Student’s Copy” and above the barcode). In the middle of the screen on the www. website, CLICK on the middle box, “PROCEED TO I-901 FORM AND PAYMENT.”

  1. Print out a receipt before you log off the website.
  2. Allow two weeks from the time of filing and payment.

Step 2

When you go to the U.S. Consulate take four documents with you:

  1. Your Passport
  2. Your letter of acceptance from school
  3. The I-20 federal form issued by school
  4. Receipt or proof that you have filed the SEVIS I-901 fee.

Step 3

The U.S. Consulate’s office you will receive a booking appointment number with a specific date and time to interview with U.S. officials and request your Student VISA approval.

Step 4

At the appointment date and time set by the U.S. Consulate, the student should prepare themselves for the interview at least 30 minutes early.

Step 5

If the Student VISA is denied, re-apply and request another interview. Often the U.S. Government wants to know the seriousness, positive intent, and determination of the student and parents and their interest to pursue their education.
Keep the Registrar of school informed of this second interview date and time, as well as, the outcome of your interview with the U.S. Consulate.

Emergency Care Program

If you have been affected by the sudden closing of your homestay support program or an immediate need to transfer students to other schools, we have workable solutions to assist you.   I CAN APPLY provides emergency medical insurance, interpreter services, transfers, homestay services, and host family support to enable students to continue their studies in the U.S. contact us for free information about our Emergency Continued Care Program.

We are also looking for schools that are willing to accept students that need to transfer on an emergency basis in addition to our regular international student admission process.


I CAN APPLY Admissions


How to submit our online common application

  1. Click on “View Application-Open Application Window”
  2. You can create an account when you submit the student application
  3. If you are an agent and you have an account, log in first
  4. Once you submit an application you can edit in the “Inbox”
  5. All your applications and interview results show when logged into the “Inbox”
  6. You can check the status of your application 24 hours a day


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