I CAN APPLY Admissions


How to submit our online common application

  1. Click on “View Application-Open Application Window”
  2. You can create an account when you submit the student application
  3. If you are an agent and you have an account, log in first
  4. Once you submit an application you can edit in the “Inbox”
  5. All your applications and interview results show when logged into the “Inbox”
  6. You can check the status of your application 24 hours a day


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Faster Decisions with Recorded Interviews

Admission interview



Transfer student “Bob” from China was just accepted to MA School 2873.  Bob was accepted after submitting his common application and recording his 3-Minute interview on ICANAPPLY.com. Because of  our relationship and reputation, he received his admission decision in less than 24 hours! If you would be interested in hosting Bob for the school year register as a host family and complete your application.  If you are an international student and want similar results register as a student. If you are interested in helping your students find quality schools and homestays fast register as an agent!