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We can create your social media accounts and grow your audience. Automatically post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Sell on Pinterest and improve your rating on Google My Business.

We offer three options:

  1. Provide you with the online tools to do it yourself (Do It Yourself Package)
  2. Work with us to train you to do it (Marketing Mentoring Package)
  3. We’ll do it all for you (Full Service Marketing Package)

Introducing ATOM Your Virtual Assistant

This is ATOM your virtual assistant who works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ATOM stands for Administrative Technology Organizational Management.

Here is a sample of tasks that ATOM will complete:

  • Route your incoming website leads to the correct person
  • Add the customer to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • Add your customer to google maps
  • Send you a text that a new person registered on your website
  • Integrate with third-party apps
  • Send your customer a “welcome email”
  • Add the customer to your marketing campaigns
  • Create a pdf profile with photos and description
  • Send a follow-up email in two days
  • Create an online contract to be signed electronically
  • Collect the payment for services
  • Grant access and deliver an online course
  • Send course completion certificates
  • Get customer feedback to provide top-notch service
  • Post to social media
  • Send birthday greetings and special offers for repeat business
  • Post to social media

ATOM can do as much or as little as you like and is fully customizable for your staff to approve or disapprove any step. You will save hundreds of hours of labor and handle complete tasks quickly! Basic Package pricing starts at $995. Contact us for a free quote based on your needs.
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Social Media Ad Re-targeting

What is “Social Media Re-targeting”


Attract website customers

A customer visits your site through social media or ads.


Keep them interested

Later, they start to see ads for your site across the web.


Convert to customers

Bring them back when they are ready to buy.

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I CAN APPLY will set up your business for success with our Social Media Retargeting Campaign. We have developed programs and online systems to organize your business and manage your staff on your own website. If you are just starting we have an expandable platform with discounted pricing. Contact us below.

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Now that we have the definitions cleared up, we will go into further detail. Let’s say you are advertising a service on Facebook. A person clicks on your ad and is taken to your website. They view the page but does not buy it yet. Without the Social Media re-targeting in place that person may not see your ad again unless they are specifically looking for it. In order for the re-targeting of your ads to work, you would need to create a Google ads account. From that account you can also link to Facebook ads so you can track from one source. There is a bit of code that is stored on your website that actually does the tracking. Once that is in place when a person clicks on the ad and visits your website, they will continue to see your products and services on other social media pages where you advertise.

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Compliance Audit System

Reviewing your company for annual Global Education accreditation can be very time consuming and expensive! Fortunately, after years of research and development we have completed the I CAN APPLY Compliance Audit System. It is a ground-breaking, industry-changing technology to instantly compile and report any out of compliance issues on your students, host families, staff, or company that saves you time and money!

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Local Coordinator needed in Miami

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Local coordinator needed in Miami Florida Area (Doral) to oversee international high school students and recruit and assist host families. This is an independent contractor job and pay is $100 per student per month plus mileage reimbursement. Register below and update your application in the website “Inbox”.

  • Recruiter Benefits

    • Earn commissions and bonuses for recruiting host families, schools, students, tutors and agents
    • Access to our growing library cultural training videos and articles
    • Easier scheduling with our appointment app to schedule online interviews
    • Automated pre-screening of student applications by qualifications to save you time
    • Branded webpage to add to your website or your own branded website
    • Support Ticket & Program Feedback Rating System
    Use US EST time to determine schedule.
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