International Student Pandemic Support

Due to the recent pandemic there are many schools closing indefinitely. For some schools the plan is to have students study from home. If your school works with international students there may be additional challenges. We were recently notified that two student programs have decided to have all of their students return home and will be terminating their program.

If your school is planning to use Google in any capacity, the students who return to China may not have access to their lessons. We are offering a few solutions for these issues. If you have students that were with any programs that are now closing, we have homestay support programs that will provide student support until the end of the school year. If you have students that are leaving, we are offering to work with students individually to ensure that they receive daily lessons and will collect those assignments daily to ensure students can complete their required assignments.

We will also be having an online seminar on how to use technology that will work to communicate with staff and students during this time and in the future. Please contact us if you need any guidance on any issues regarding Global Education or technology to improve working remotely.
Stay safe!

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