The I CAN Apply Inbox Workspace is the easy-to-use system where everything happens. Once a user registers and submits an application the “Inbox” will automatically guide users on their next step. There are 4 simple boxes with individual actions.

  1. The top left “Action Box” will be where videos, instructions, additional forms, pdfs or profiles display.
  2. The “Edit Box”will display fields for the particular step that can be edited or signed electronically. Dropdowns may open additional fields that can be completed. Some changes to the fields may change the data displayed in the “Action Box” which can be previewed if left “In progress” and updated.
  3. The “Progress Box” shows the specific step and who it is assigned to for completion. If you want to save your work and review the application, mark as “In progress” and update. Do not leave it your step in progress or it will not move to the next step. Some steps will only require “Approve”, “Reject” or “Revert”.  Marking a step as “Approve” or  “Complete”will send it to the next step or person to complete their action. Rejecting a step will result in ending your involvement with the application. If you mark as “Revert” it will send it back to the user that created the application, so be sure to enter notes as to why you rejected it in the “Note” box.
  4. “I CAN Support” is located on the bottom right of your screen. You can contact Live Chat or email support with any questions.

Note: On mobile devices the boxes will be laid out in the sequence listed with the “Progress Box on the bottom instead of the side, depending on your media screen size.