Student Registration


    • Student Scholarships I CAN Apply has a wide range of available scholarships up to $10,000 that can be applied to housing or school tuition. Contact us to see if you qualify!
    • Homestay Profile Student can view available homestays near partnership schools with full descriptions, family and home photos.
    • School Profiles Students will have access to school profiles with full descriptions, photos and requirements to apply directly through the I CAN Apply Admission Portal.
    • Application Status The I CAN Apply Admission Portal provides instantaneous updates on student’s admission status. Admission decisions are available within 48 hours at most schools.
    • Master Common Application The I CAN Apply Master Common Application is accepted by many schools across the U.S. which means you only need to complete one application to apply to multiple schools. It is a digital format that can easily be edited and completed in stages.
    • Online Appointment Scheduling Schedule live admission appointments 24 hours a day.
    • Recorded Interviews Students can log in and record admission interviews 24 hours a day for faster admission decisions and promotion to multiple schools.
    • Top Tier Students Students that qualify as “Top Tier” will receive VIP service and promotion to all schools in our network for multiple offers.
  • Use your passport number . This ID must be accurate and cannot be changed! (Add a letter before if your passport ID is only numbers. Ex "C123456789")
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