Business Survey

Please Complete the survey and we will follow up with the results.

  • 1-10 Scale

    Please rate the following topics as to how much you feel each is a problem for your company, on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being a very successful and 1 being poor.
  • Do you find new customers easily?
  • Can you easily find and keep good staff?
  • Do your customer come back for repeat business?
  • Do you experience cash flow problems?
  • Is your staff trained and able to do their jobs competently?
  • Does your staff produce as well as they could?
  • Do you have very few competitors?
  • How clean is your facility and office space?
  • Do you have a good system on place to maintain and store customer information?
  • Do you have a written business expansion plan?

Creating Business Cards

Before creating a business card there are many things that must be decided after you have a business name.

  1. Do you have a domain name?
  2. How will you format emails-by name or by position?
  3. Do you have a toll-free number with an extension?
  4. Do you have a business address, PO box or virtual office?
  5. Do you have a logo?
  6. Do you have a slogan?
  7. Do you have a message for the back of the card?

Resist the temptation to order a large number of business cards when first starting. Surveys show businesses go through many iterations as they grow. Buying in bulk to save money then throwing business cards away, because the information has changed, is not cost effective.

Your business card is often your first impression when connecting with potential clients and business partners. It should be professional looking without letting the design elements distract from the message. The most important thing about a business card is that is is legible and accurate.